I have been a fitness coach since 1986, a yoga teacher since 1996, and sports therapist since 2014.  I offer coaching in the following;  1:1, 1:2, group exercise, nutrition planning/guidance, yoga classes, Mobility, rehabilitation & Fitness testing.

As a recognised Senior yoga teacher this has allowed me to coach/train some amazing students from all over the world.  I love tutoring and some of my courses have been ⁰Yoga, Personal Training, Gym, Exercise to Music, Outdoor Fitness, and Physiology & Anatomy diplomas.  I run yoga weekends, yoga day workshops. Seminars & consultations with a variety of groups.

I have been coaching/training in the Health and fitness industry for over 20 years.  My background is mainly team sports, Badminton at county level, athletics, cycling and show jumping.

I am currently teaching approx 6 classes a week, several 1 to 1 client coaching, corporate client's  and have group fitness sessions running.  I regularly deliver yoga sessions/workshops for cyclists, runners and tri-athletes.  I love Yoga for all sports.

Janie Davie - Yoga Instructor

Janie Davie - Yoga Instructor, Personal Trainer, Fitness Tutor.

Yoga with Janie offers yoga classes/sessions to all age groups and abilities.  With class sizes being kept small in numbers, this allows me to work individually with clients on a day by day/week by week basis enabling a trusting and relaxed relationship to form between student and teacher.  The relaxed environment makes the atmosphere friendly and non-competitive.

I will hopefully be offering weekend and week-long yoga/meditation retreats in beautiful and peaceful settings in the UK, and looking to add abroad locations very soon.  This will give you the opportunity to deepen your experience of yoga and meditation practice.  My focus as a teacher is on supporting individuals to find their own practice in a safe and encouraging environment

Meeting class members has been a very rewarding experience for me knowing that people leave the class feeling better about themselves.

I love the versatility of yoga and meditation and never cease to be amazed by the lessons I continue to learn through my practice on and off the mat.  I look forward to seeing you soon.

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