Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the classes suitable for beginners?

My classes are tailored to all levels.  This is partially why class numbers are kept small so that you can have a tailored safe class.  You will work very much at your own level and be progressed/regressed when you are ready.  All clients are encouraged to work at a level that would suit you.  You know your own limits.


Q: How do I Book classes?

Please click on this link - then click the "Book Online button" this will take you to the booking site.  Or visit the facebook page Yogawithjanie, you can then view/book classes by pressing the BLUE banner "Book Now". 


Q:  How much are classes?

The cost is £48 per block booking.


Q: How do I pay for the classes?

If you have booked before, please use the same details.  If you are a NEW member you will find the details on the booking form.  Please make payment 21 days prior to class block starting.  Spaces cannot be held.


Q: What if I can't make all the class dates?

That is okay - as there are other classes running through the week you may attend another class - but please message to check availability.


Q: Is it only block booking you offer?

Yes.  The simple answer is continuity.  If you commit to a 6 week block you will see a huge improvement in your practice.  This also gives the client and  the teacher time to establish what pace/options suit you.


Q: What do I need to bring?

You need to bring a Mat and water.  You may need a small towel too.


Q: My mat is so slippy .....what can I do to stop it being slippy?

Most mats have oils in them.  Try rolling your mat out in your house (high traffic area).  Keep turning the mat over and allow the dust to get to it. Hopefully this will help reduce the oil content quickly.   

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