"Wish I had started years ago!

As an ex rugby player I wasn’t sure what to expect from yoga, let alone if I would be able to manage any of the positions.

Having attended for serval months now, I love it and that is down to Janie’s great instruction and technique.

Yoga has seriously helped my back injuries and would highly recommend it, and Janie, to anyone thinking of giving it a go!"

- D. Naismith

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"I was very nervous about joining a yoga group as I have a chronic health condition affecting my muscles and on top of that I was post surgery after a very invasive op. 
As it turns out it has been one of the best decisions I could have made.  Janie goes out of her way to give options for each pose without emphasing my difficulties and she is quick to stop me pushing myself too far.  She manages to be both subtle and supportive and until this review I doubt my class mates knew how bad I was!  Yoga has been quite an emotional journey for me and I absolutely love it, even though I am pretty hopeless at it!  I would recommend yoga to anyone for its holistic benefits but if you can get Janie as your teacher you will get so much more from it than you expect..... Namaste"


- P. Lloyd

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"I have found that Janie's yoga sessions have vastly improved my strength, flexibility and mobility and complement my other sporting interests really well (rugby, martial arts). Whatever fitness/sport you do I would undoubtedly recommend that coming to Yoga with Janie will help you improve and avoid injury.    The sessions suit people of any level or fitness. She provides various options on poses to increase or decrease the difficulty so everyone can make it as easy or difficult as they like.

Janie is really friendly and welcoming so if you are thinking of taking up yoga, I'd thoroughly recommend you come and try with Janie.."

-D. Hoyland

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"Janie's yoga classes are amazing!  She is immensely skilled and experienced in her practice and offers a wealth and depth of knowledge of all aspects of yoga in her sessions.  Janie is empathetic and understanding to all individuals different bodies and abilities and allows you to feel relaxed, safe and looked after in every posture and practice.

I would highly recommend her teaching to everyone! "

D. Nelson

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"Janie's sessions are great.....especially for blokes who run, who are as stiff as a board and who have hamstrings shorter than Tom Thumb.  Really helps improve flexibility and ease out the tiredness and stiffness from the body and in particular if you have been doing some heavy gym work.

I only go once a week, but know that if I went twice I would see even bigger improvements.  Unfortunately I just don't have the time.

The classes are easy to follow, well instructed, with loads of options if you find any of the moves too challenging. Great fun with a friendly bunch of people. It is also useful to know that if you can't make your usual night, then you can usually slot in to another session.  Sign up.  They are very popular for a reason."

- P. Cunningham

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"I've been doing yoga with Janie since July and I absolutely love it.  I get so much out of it.  

Janie is extremely knowledgeable and clear with instructions ensuring your safety at all times.  She always asks for your input on what you would like to work on & always asks if anyone has questions.  She adds new moves every week so you never get bored and always feel challenged.

If your thinking about taking up yoga give Janies classes a go, you won't be disappointed.  Classes are great and full of friendly people it's real value for money.  I am always rewarded with a great sleep!"

E. Elder

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"Great classes, great atmosphere! Janie has extensive knowledge of yoga and the physiology of the body. As a teacher of yoga myself I can't praise her classes enough, clear instructions, great alignments and adjustments and always options for all levels, my twice a week treat"

- E. Talbot

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"Great class, very accessible for all levels as pace and difficulty is very individual and options always explained.  Would recommend to anyone looking to get started in yoga but also to those with a bit more experience as classes have a mix of both and everyone seems to get pushed just as much as they need.  

Janie has a wonderful knack of knowing just what's right for each individual."

G. Pilkington

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"I do Yoga with Janie twice a week and she it honestly brilliant. The classes are challenging but Janie encourages you to do what feels right for your own body and always provides modifications.  I really like that Janie focuses on posture in the poses and helps you get it right.  She is always encouraging and warm.

I noticed a real difference when I started practicing twice a week.  Janies classes are ideal for beginners and anyone who wants to practice yoga in a safe and encouraging environment.

If you are looking for a yoga class I would really recommend Janies classes!"

- H. A. Beaverhousen

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""I can’t recommend Janie’s classes enough - I joined a year ago and am still going! This just proves that the classes are informal, with Janie being an excellent teacher.  Any previous attempts for me to do yoga, resulted in me feeling an outsider whilst the rest of the class did yoga chants. Fortunately there is no humming here!

My flexibility and balance have improved as well as it being good way to help with your general well-being."


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"I'm new to yoga. Janie's teaching style has helped me feel confident. It feels good to have one hour of me time"


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"I discovered yoga 6 months ago playing in a theatre show after which I resolved to continue doing yoga daily. 4 months later and NO yoga done, I realised I needed guidance and regime. Terrified at the prospect of being a student (I am a teacher - we are the worst students) I bravely consulted the world wide web and discovered local classes in Dalkeith. And what a wonderful discovery - Janie is brilliant - she has given me bags of confidence and I love the classes. I am a glowing happy student of yoga. I still don't practise, but that's not Janie's fault...... sign up now, you won't regret it."

- A. Geddes

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"Janie's yoga sessions are for everybody. Janie is a very knowledgeable instructor and is well versed in helping each of us towards our full potential in class and out of class. Yoga complements so many other activities and is my favourite way to start the week."


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"Fantastic class. Janie very knowledgeable and good fun. Excellent for runners. Friendly class."

- A. Binns (GP)

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"I've been going to Janies classes for about 8 months now and really appreciate the difference it makes to my flexibility and general well being! Great for the cyclist and runner in keeping sports injuries at bay. I look forward to her class every week!"

- D. De Bellaigue

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"Janie is a very welcoming and knowledgeable yogi! The sessions cater for all abilities with clear instruction. I would (and have) highly recommend. ."

- J. Donnelly   

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"Half way through my second block now and really enjoying it. Janie is a really good teacher for all levels."

- K. Sawyer

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"Husband and I have been to two classes so far and have already signed up for another block. Very friendly classes with options for all levels of ability and fitness. Really impressed."

- M. Black   

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"Just a quick note to say how much I am enjoying your classes. I have practiced yoga for many years and was looking for a class that would bring me some new challenges and your astanga yoga class is certainly making me think about asana in different ways.

Really look forward to my Thursday classes. 
Om Shanti 🙏


- H. Boyle  



"Joined Janie's Yoga class at the start of the year and I now attend 2 classes per week. Janie's a fantastic Yoga teacher, so friendly and lovely. I'd highly recommend the class to everyone."

-C. Hilton

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"I am now in my 3rd week and I have already signed up for the next block. Janie is fantastic and her class is perfect for all levels. This class is great way to spend an evening stretching toning and ending in perfect relaxation."

-A. Coburn

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"This is my first time trying Yoga and I am really enjoying Janie's classes. Love how flexible and stronger I feel and definitely helps with other sports I do. Have just booked a second block of classes. Would definitely recommend.  x"

- G. Geddes

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"I've been attending Janie's classes for a few years and she is a brilliant teacher. If you're thinking about yoga, Janie's classes will allow you to learn very quickly. The free flowing form is also a good workout. Thank you Janie"

- G. Cunniffe

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"Since the birth of my second son 4 years ago I haven't been able to lay flat on my back.  I'm now on block 5 and for the first time can lay flat, sleep without bent legs and not have the constant fear of my disc pop out!!  Also not felt my trapped nerve in a long time.  I feel a lot stronger around my hips, spine and lower back. Very happy I've stuck at it. Thank you Janie "

- A. Robertson

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"I have been attending Janie's yoga class for approx 3 months now and it has really helped my well-being. Not only am I becoming more flexible, I have more energy and a better mindset.
If your thinking about joining a yoga class give Janie's a go - she's a great teacher and runs a great class for every ability"

- N. Armstrong

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"Janie's classes are excellent.  She is the first yoga teacher I've had who explains how your body should feel with each movement rather than just manipulating you into it, which is perfect for improving. Her knowledge and way of explaining things make the classes really easy to follow and focus in. I highly recommend Yoga With Janie".

- E. Besoins

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"Loving Janie's classes. Really beginning to notice a change in my ability now and more able to get into and maintain poses. Always an alternative offered for those, like me, who can't always get there first time. Really feel the benefit and miss it a lot if I don't make class. Highly recommend you try it whether a beginner or more advanced."

- R. Lothian

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"Even though I haven't exercised in years, I can follow Janie's classes as she gives an "easy option" for the exercises. I have done 5/6 classes so far and my insomnia has improved and I feel more flexible already so I have booked my block of 6 classes for the next round. Don't hesitate to come along if you fancy it as everyone works at their own pace (the "homework" isn't difficult, either) and we have a few laughs along the way "

- J. Graham

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